What is Podsafe Music

The Podsafe music network aims to provide a location where musicians can upload music for use in Podcasts, Mashups, Shoutcasts, Webcasts and every other kind of casting that exists on the internet. Because they don't provide a playlist yet I wrote a small Perl script you can use to create your own M3U file.
If you don't have Perl on your computer you can install it for free. You can download it from Activestate.
It is now July 26, 2005. If the Podsafe music network is changed this script will stop working. You can freely use and change this script.

The script:

It started out as a test so it is not a very pretty script bus it does the job.

#! /usr/bin/perl

use LWP::Simple;
use strict;
open (PL, ">playlist.m3u") or die ("Cannot open playlist.m3u");
my $doc=get "http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/unsorted.php";
$doc =~ /totalRows_unsortedmusic=(\d+).*?of.*?(\d+).*?pages/s;
my $tr = $1;
my $mp = $2;
print PL "#EXTM3U\n";
for (my $i=1; $i <= $mp; $i++){
   my @a = $doc =~ /BandHash(.*?)pluginspage/gs;
   foreach (@a) {
     print PL "#EXTINF:-1,$1 - $2\nhttp://music.podshow.com$3\n";
   $doc=get "http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/unsorted.php?pageNum_unsortedmusic=$i&totalRows_unsortedmusic=$tr";
close PL;